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a tack on titan

I don’t even watch this show and I fell out of my chair
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Kermit is dead

he snitched 

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5th grade nostalgia

we had a teacher in 8th grade who despised when we wrote with these pens and towards the end of the year she had pissed us all off so much we just wrote literally everything in sparkly gel pens. she didn’t even look at our shit she just gave us all like 90s and told us she passed us just so we could get out of her life.
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Anonymous: In a life of people who care about things that dont matter and people who are awful humans its hard to have hope, but knowing people like you exist makes things easier. its an amazing feeling to get to know someone like you. i hope you really know how wonderful you are someday, Marissa. ^_^ <3

:o Well thank you kind person. :3 You’re rad. <3 :3 Don’t forget it~

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